Dental Whitening

Perhaps the most common dental challenge we all face is the “fading” effect on the tone of our natural tooth color. Whether it’s staining (due to coffee, tea, wine, smoking, etc.), environmental discoloration, mineral deficiencies in our diet or simply the natural aging process that affects us all, the dimming of our otherwise bright, white smiles can be a distressing reality. But it never has to be!

Our dental reality today is that with a very simple, straightforward and entirely pain-free procedure- in even a single visit- every smile can be easily and significantly whitened and brightened so that you can, once again, show your best and brightest look to the world. And a professional whitening procedure not only will provide a cosmetic upgrade, whitening will also:

  • Help retard the growth of future discoloration or staining
  • Remove even the most stubborn, severe discolorations
  • Provide immediate, satisfying results in a single visit

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Simply stated, dental whitening is an affordable dental health option that everyone can benefit from today, and in your future!

At Bright Smiles Honolulu, after a brief consultation and exam, our dental specialists employ the ZOOM!® Whitening System which uses a safe, ultra-violet light activated, hydrogen peroxide-based, professional grade gel to deeply, thoroughly infuse the dentin and tooth enamel and effectively bleach out any and all discolorations and staining.

This simple, painless procedure can usually be completed within an hour and provides noticeable, visible results on your very first visit. Discoloration and staining are common challenges and natural enemies to your dental health and overall appearance but they need never be a problem at Bright Smiles Honolulu, where we look forward to providing you with the effective solution.

Dental whitening today is one of the fastest, safest, surest, most professional methods to give your smile the huge upgrade you want, and give your confidence the boost we can all use. At Bright Smiles Honolulu we look forward to making that happen for you and your whole family today!

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