The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the “hinge” joint that attaches the jawbone to the skeletal structure of your face. An unusually complex joint that we use daily and almost constantly, the TMJ moves up, down, side-to-side and can even rotate within a limited range. In many cases, chronic problems causing soreness and/or pain in the TMJ are typically diagnosed as TMJ disorders. The exact causes of this disorder are difficult to medically pin down but symptoms often include:

  • Chronic jaw pain and/or soreness
  • Chronic mild and/or severe headaches
  • Chronic difficulty chewing
  • Accompanying tooth pain and/or discomfort

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Traditionally addressed medically, TMJ disorders almost always result in issues that affect oral health as well. At Bright Smiles Honolulu, our Team offers a range of treatments that we trust will alleviate many of the symptoms as well as address any of the more serious dental issues that may arise as a result.

Because any TMJ disorder affects your ability to chew properly and without discomfort, every disorder needs to be addressed directly to prevent further deterioration. Treatments can include:

  • Realignment of teeth
  • Dental bonding to address issues of deterioration
  • Dental implants to address spacing issues that may be a contributing factor
  • Dental night guard to alleviate pain and prevent damage to tooth enamel

We always strongly suggest to all of our patients that they take advantage of a thorough examination and then a subsequent consultation to determine best course of action when addressing any TMJ disorder or discomfort. Our Bright Smiles Honolulu Team is ready to offer the very best in consultation and care and we look forward to easing every discomfort that may be negatively affecting your oral health.

If TMJ is giving you a pain, give us a call today!