Inlays and Onlays

For damaged teeth, degraded fillings or teeth that have suffered from a more severe degradation of the tooth structure, dental inlay and onlays may be your solution. In these cases, after your initial exam and consultation to determine the best course for your dental needs, if inlays or onlays are the procedure that will best serve your needs, repeat visits for treatment, fitting and application are generally required in most cases. In addition to restoring the integrity and appearance of your teeth, inlays and onlays can significantly enhance the aesthetic appearance of your smile by effectively molding a cleaner, whiter, brighter look to both the individual tooth and your overall smile.


Some of the benefits of inlays/onlays include:

  • Preservation and fortification of your natural teeth
  • Aesthetic enhancement through replacement of older or degraded metal fillings
  • Long lasting security and stability for damaged teeth
  • A perfect healthy match for your gum structure
  • No long term degradation or discoloring

Dental Bridges

In cases of severe damage or missing teeth due to accidental damage, a dental bridge may be the solution to one of your more serious dental issues. While dental bridges must be specifically tailored to the patient’s very specific dental needs, a variety of procedures may be required to restore both the beauty and functionality of your smile.


Dental bridges can involve the use of bonding, implants or, in certain cases, crowns to repair and restore your smile. In general, dental bridge work can involve some of the most serious work you’ll require and so consultation and a thorough examination is always called for before our specialists at Bright Smiles Honolulu can outline the correct plan for you. Repeated visits for treatment and fitting are usually required. A properly formed and fitted dental bridge, however, can be expected to last for a decade or more and can provide the stability and security you require for-

  • Complete restoration of your beautiful smile
  • Correction of any jaw or facial misalignment associated with missing or damaged teeth
  • Complete restoration of your healthy ability to bite and chew
  • Prevention of any tooth drift from damaged or missing teeth


Dental bridges are a serious business, and at Bright Smiles Honolulu we take their planning, design, application, installation and maintenance seriously.

Dental Bonding

Among the most popular dental innovations, dental bonding has become the reliable and appropriate solution to many common dental difficulties. Dental bonding involves the professional application of a naturally color-matched, composite resin directly onto the surface of your teeth which can correct any number of dental appearance flaws, as well as provide durable, dependable strength and protection for any damaged teeth, and a significant enhancement for your smile. The composite resin is specifically blended to exactly match the tone of your smile and once applied, is then sculpted to perfect any flaws as it provides additional strength to your existing teeth.


Among the many benefits of the dental bonding procedure-

  • Bonding provides immediate results
  • Bonding can correct any number/manner of minor chips, cracks or imperfections
  • Bonding effectively masks discoloration or staining
  • Bonding blends easily to your individual smile profile
  • Bonding can improve spacing and alignment issues
  • Bonding adds reliable strength to damaged or aging teeth

Dental Crowns

At Bright Smiles Honolulu, we maintain a wide variety of treatment options when it comes to the replacement of missing or damaged teeth. No matter the state of your smile, our State-of-the-Art facility headed by our Team of dental technicians and experienced specialists will have the best option available for the most effective treatment any and all of your dental requirements. Some of our more popular options include:


  • Cosmetic Bonding
  • Dental Implants
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Dental Bridges
  • Inlays and Onlays
  • Dental Crowns

Dental Implants

As a revolutionary but completely reliable dentistry innovation, dental implants can be the permanent answer to all your cosmetic replacement needs. As aesthetically pleasing as they are functional and comfortable, dental implants serve as custom crafted replacements designed specifically to both comfortably and permanently fit your oral requirements like your natural teeth. In addition, dental implants exceed more traditional dentures in terms of fit, comfort, permanence and overall appearance.  If you’re experiencing accidental tooth loss or damage due to age, dental implants may be the permanent solution for you!

Dental Whitening

Perhaps the most common dental challenge we all face is the “fading” effect on the tone of our natural tooth color. Whether it’s staining (due to coffee, tea, wine, smoking, etc.), environmental discoloration, mineral deficiencies in our diet or simply the natural aging process that affects us all, the dimming of our otherwise bright, white smiles can be a distressing reality. But it never has to be!


Our dental reality today is that with a very simple, straightforward and entirely pain-free procedure- in even a single visit- every smile can be easily and significantly whitened and brightened so that you can, once again, show your best and brightest look to the world. And a professional whitening procedure not only will provide a cosmetic upgrade, whitening will also:


  • Help slow the growth of future discoloration or staining
  • Remove even the most stubborn, severe discolorations
  • Provide immediate, satisfying results in a single visit

Dental Veneers

Natural aging is a universal challenge for all of us as well as a challenge for our dental health. Unsightly staining due to age, diet or organic dental deficiency, as well as accidental damage or natural “drifting” of our teeth, are the most common flaws that may significantly detract from our otherwise beautiful, healthy smiles.


And occasionally, it’s just time for a dynamic dental makeover that will put the sparkle back in your smile! Dental veneers can be that answer. An enormously popular cosmetic option for celebrities whose livelihoods depend on their appearance, dental veneers can be the solution for any number of common dental problems that may be dimming your smile and making you feel self-conscious about what should be your most effective social weapon.


A straightforward procedure that involves installing a custom-designed, ultra-thin ceramic shell over your existing teeth to significantly improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile, dental veneers are cemented in to give you a confident look that will last for years with only regular dental maintenance necessary to stay in tip-top shape. After a consultation and oral exam with one of our Bright Smiles Honolulu veneer specialists, candidates that will benefit the most from this procedure will have their personal treatment plans outlined so that everyone can make the best decision for their future, and your budget.


For many of us, dentures are a subject for the elderly to consider and a dental reality that’s in general not a very happy one for the user. But here at Bright Smiles Honolulu we can assure all of our clientele that the art and science of dentures has come a long way in a very short time.


Let’s face the tough toothy facts, for any number of teens, and even adults, any discussion of braces for misaligned teeth are a cause for personal agony. None of us look forward to the prospect of an extended period of time wearing unsightly metal on our mouth that mars our already self-conscious formative years. That’s why, at Bright Smiles Honolulu we’re always excited to offer all of our growing patients, and growing adults, the wonderful ease, comfort and near invisible style of the Invisalign® Treatment option!


What is the Invisalign® Treatment?

Invisalign® is the state-of-the-art tooth straightening system that employs clear, proprietary SmartTrack® aligners which effectively and properly realign wayward teeth all while looking almost invisible, even to the wearer. Bright Smiles Honolulu employs the Invisalign® iTero® scanning system to map out your teen’s (or adult’s) teeth and outline the most effective method to get them on the way to a perfectly aligned smile that they’ll enjoy for a lifetime. After your initial consultation and exam where our Team will determine if the Invisalign® Treatment is for you, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits that the system allows its users on their way to dental health.


  • Easily removable and manageable for the 20-22 hours per day you’ll need to wear them
  • Easy to clean and maintain (with simple brushing and rinsing)
  • Easy to enjoy eating (simply pop out your aligners and chow down)
  • Easy to manage for active/sports lifestyle (no danger of cutting or bleeding while active)

Night Guards

Compulsive grinding of the teeth, especially at night while sleeping, is known as- Bruxism- and effects between 10-15% of adults (and children) and can lead to a host of unpleasant side effects such as:


  • Chronic soreness and jaw pain
  • Mild and/or severe headaches
  • Tooth pain and/or deterioration of tooth enamel
  • In severe cases, loosening or chipping of the teeth


The cause or causes of this destructive habit are numerous and almost always difficult to address but one of the more common ways to alleviate sustained damage to the tooth enamel is through regular use of a custom night guard to protect the teeth from the damage that can occur as a result of constant, regular grinding of the teeth.

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorders

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the “hinge” joint that attaches the jawbone to the skeletal structure of your face. An unusually complex joint that we use daily and almost constantly, the TMJ moves up, down, side-to-side and can even rotate within a limited range. In many cases, chronic problems causing soreness and/or pain in the TMJ are typically diagnosed as TMJ disorders. The exact causes of this disorder are difficult to medically pin down but symptoms often include:


  • Chronic jaw pain and/or soreness
  • Chronic mild and/or severe headaches
  • Chronic difficulty chewing
  • Accompanying tooth pain and/or discomfort