Amazing place, really glad I found out about bright smiles just by chance. I really can't recommend them enough! Friendly staff, caring, and really good at what they do. They always do a great job with all of my dental work and everyone is super friendly. They even validate parking at a nearby garage. 


- Daria Sebastiano


They have great availability, and were very flexible with my schedule! The hygienist and front desk staff are so kind and efficient. Love this place so far!


- Robbie Rhead


Had a great experience at this office! Recently moved to Hawaii and found this dental office online. The reviews looked positive, but I am always skeptical until I see for myself. I was very impressed by Dr. Dunn and her staff. Very personable. She took time to answer my questions and explain to me the condition of my oral health. She seemed very compassionate about the way she does her job. I was able to get in for an exam and cleaning on the same day. Needless to say, I will continue to be a patient at this office throughout my time in Hawaii!

 - M J


I am a retired dentist that recently experienced complex dental treatment with Dr. Tiffani Dunn and her operations manager, Rebecca Fischer. Over 50 years I have experienced loss of front teeth due to injuries from college football, golden gloves boxing and a number of bicycle crashes…. perhaps due to my imagined athletic prowess. This last time, a front tooth with a root canal split and I had to have it removed along with my bridge. This was to be a major undertaking with big implications for my appearance, ability to speak and eat. Even though I am a dentist, Dr. Dunn explained to me what she would do, and that she planned construct an all ceramic bridge for esthetics and function. I am old school and had always done metal and ceramic front bridges for better durability. I agreed to follow her advice. Her administration of anesthetic was absolutely painless, she has a gentle and compassionate touch and Rebecca was comforting and had everything ready before Dr. Dunn even asked for it! What a team! The complex task of surgically removing the split root and sectioning the bridge from another anchoring tooth was done efficiently and without any pain. She prepared another front tooth for anchorage, sutured me up and Rebecca fabricated a very esthetic and functional temporary bridge for me to wear while the extraction site was healing. I required no post-operative pain meds other than Aleve. We considered the option of doing implants, but the delay to wait for healing and loss of proprioception made me decide against it. After healing was complete, she removed the temporary and slightly modified the preps and scanned the preps and fabricated a new bridge with customized esthetics. We seated the bridge with no adjustments, no anesthetic and no discomfort. I am absolutely pleased with the outcome and have been completely satisfied with her treatment for over a year now. I cannot strongly enough suggest Dr. Dunn for any and all dental treatment. It is almost disconcerting that this office has such breathtakingly beautiful women and that their competence, compassion, and gentle touch is so genuine! Bruno West DDS, retired


- Bruno West


Whoever thought I’d say going to the dentist was a great experience. Not me. But it was. I had to get two crowns replaced and this amazing team of Dr. Donn and Rebecca were able to keep me comfortable even though I’m a big chicken. I’m not joking. If you work downtown this is the place to go. They are brand new and have a beautiful office that I can’t stop telling my friends about. They fix my sensitive teeth and my smile looks so much better. Thank you guys for my confidence boost!


- Elle Kamlin


Dr. Tiffani Dunn is the best! My husband and I travel from the Big Island for our appointments as we have been patients of hers before she moved to Honolulu and could not imagine switching dentists. Dr. Dunn and her staff are very professional and friendly and the new office is wonderful. Well worth the flight over to know we are in good hands!

 - Andrea King


"I like going to the dentist", said no one ever. HOWEVER... when you find a good dentist like Dr. Dunn, you will change your tune. I travel far distances to see Dr. Dunn because she is honest, gentle, friendly, and caring; she really knows how to handle my severe anxiety that arises whilst in the dental chair.

 - Janelle Neill


Usually, I try to avoid the dentist because it kind of freaks me out, but not this time! Everyone was extremely friendly and made me feel welcome and comfortable (:

 - Jackie Lacanlale


Happy people


- Rowena Camit


Execellent Cosmetic Dentist!

 - Rebecca Fischer