Let’s face the tough toothy facts, for any number of teens, and even adults, any discussion of braces for misaligned teeth are a cause for personal agony. None of us look forward to the prospect of an extended period of time wearing unsightly metal on our mouth that mars our already self-conscious formative years. That’s why, at Bright Smiles Honolulu we’re always excited to offer all of our growing patients, and growing adults, the wonderful ease, comfort and near invisible style of the Invisalign® Treatment option!

What is the Invisalign® Treatment?

Invisalign® is the state-of-the-art tooth straightening system that employs clear, proprietary SmartTrack® aligners which effectively and properly realign wayward teeth all while looking almost invisible, even to the wearer. Bright Smiles Honolulu employs the Invisalign® iTero® scanning system to map out your teen’s (or adult’s) teeth and outline the most effective method to get them on the way to a perfectly aligned smile that they’ll enjoy for a lifetime. After your initial consultation and exam where our Team will determine if the Invisalign® Treatment is for you, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits that the system allows its users on their way to dental health.

  • Easily removable and manageable for the 20-22 hours per day you’ll need to wear them
  • Easy to clean and maintain (with simple brushing and rinsing)
  • Easy to enjoy eating (simply pop out your aligners and chow down)
  • Easy to manage for active/sports lifestyle (no danger of cutting or bleeding while active)

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The difficult teen years are challenging enough without the additional burden of a necessary dental procedure adding to their feeling of social discomfort or self-consciousness. And for adults, the Invisalign® Treatment offers a worry-free option that doesn’t hinder your lifestyle or hamper your professional or personal possibilities.

If you require a solution that will add years of health and a lifetime of lovely smiles, talk to our Bright Smiles Honolulu Team of Invisalign® specialists who have the years of experience to provide the type of service that will take the pressure off this always difficult dental hurdle.

Call and come in for a free consultation to see how manageable a perfect smile can be!