How Do I Get Rid of Bad Breath at School?

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Nobody wants to be known for their bad breath. If you’re known for that in school, that’s a death sentence. At school, you have nowhere to hide, with loose mouths ready to spread the word of your halitosis. And sometimes, you won’t even know what caused it. Regardless of the reasons, it’s there to stay. But how do you get rid of bad breath in school?

As with most things, the first thing to do is to know what might have caused it. Unfortunately, bad breath—or halitosis, as it is medically called—can be caused by several factors. Whittling it down to one cause might take longer than you’d like. But once you figure it out, getting rid of bad breath in school gets a little easier.

That said, what do you do after pinpointing the cause? Let’s guide you through it.

Once you know the cause, use the right remedy

Just as you wouldn’t use a pair of scissors to hammer in a nail, you want to make sure you use the proper treatment for your cause. Fortunately, some reasons have the same set of solutions, so you’d be hitting two birds with one stone most of the time.

If the cause is:

  • something you ate
  • a case of you forgetting to brush your teeth before heading to school

The solution is simple: buy a toothbrush set and get to it. Maybe gargle a bit of mouthwash to drive the point home. And if you have it on hand, a breath spray can do wonders for your halitosis.

Sometimes the cause is a little more complicated. Those who smoke might have a constant odor to their breath due to the tobacco. Halitosis can also arise from certain disorders, like diabetes and acid reflux. You might need to seek further treatment before your bad breath goes away. And if you’re a smoker, you may have to do away with your regular stick.

Prevent it from happening again

If you’ve been through the embarrassment of getting bad breath in school, you might never want to go through it again. And fortunately, you don’t have to. Now that you know what might’ve caused your halitosis, you can make sure it never happens again.

One good step to take is booking that dental appointment. Aside from the causes you’ve pinpointed, your dentist might find additional sources during the check-up. To a trained eye, normal-looking teeth might be harboring hidden cavities, gum diseases, and bad cases of tooth decay—all of which could be contributing to your bad breath.

Once your dentist finds other sources of halitosis, they can treat it as soon as possible. Some may even see their halitosis disappear overnight. Others, however, might need a little more work done before they rid themselves of bad breath. In that case, you can consult your dentist after the treatment for a routine that could help eliminate bad breath. And if your halitosis comes from another source, they may refer you to a specialist to help you with the problem.

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