Dental Implants

As a revolutionary but completely reliable dentistry innovation, dental implants can be the permanent answer to all your cosmetic replacement needs. As aesthetically pleasing as they are functional and comfortable, dental implants serve as custom crafted replacements designed specifically to both comfortably and permanently fit your oral requirements like your natural teeth. In addition, dental implants exceed more traditional dentures in terms of fit, comfort, permanence and overall appearance.  If you’re experiencing accidental tooth loss or damage due to age, dental implants may be the permanent solution for you!

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At Bright Smiles Honolulu, our experienced Team of Implant specialists have been practicing this innovative procedure- which involves installation of an anchor below the gumline to permanently fuse with the replacement crown- for years and our practice has served our patients with exactly the smiles they desired, as well as  reliably superior oral health that will last a lifetime. And while dental implants are not for everyone, a simple examination with one of our Bright Smiles Honolulu Team, followed by a consultation to determine the very best course of action for your needs, can accurately gauge if dental implants are the answer for your specific situation.

Tooth loss can be a terrible blow to our self-esteem and at Bright Smiles Honolulu we understand and appreciate your concerns in regards to both your appearance and your health. We’ve served our community for over a decade and are committed to continually providing the best, healthiest and happiest smiles to all of our patients, family and friends. Your dental health is our priority and we take pride in enjoying the smiles of our clientele.

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