5 Iconic Celebrity Teeth

Not all celebrity teeth are iconic teeth. Freddie Mercury's teeth are testament to this.

5 Iconic Celebrity Teeth

Iconic people have a distinct look to them. Mention their name in a conversation, and you already imagine their image. Think Marilyn Monroe. Elvis Presley. And so forth. Aside from their stardom, icons are also defined visually, embodying a fashion uniquely their own. Of course, when we mention looks, we usually gander at what these celebrities wear, or how they do their hair. Seldom do we talk about iconic teeth.

While a gorgeous smile does seem like a prerequisite for those entering the celebrity spotlight, it’s not the only standard. Sure, pearly whites are lovely to look at, but they’re not enough to make celebrity teeth iconic. Some celebrities have made a name and look to them for their imperfect smiles. And often, for the best—it’s almost hard to imagine these stars without their iconic teeth.

That said, here are 5 iconic celebrity teeth:

  1. Freddie Mercury
    Ah, how could we ever forget the Queen frontman? Freddie Mercury’s teeth are so iconic that Rami Malek had to wear prosthetics to emulate the singer’s iconic look in Bohemian Rhapsody. (And boy, did it pay off—Malek eventually won an Oscar for the role.) Aside from a voice that spans generations and daring fashion choices, Mercury was also known for his overbite. Why not correct it, you ask? He was worried that changing up his teeth might impact the way he sang, as so it stayed. Talk about form and function! 
  2. Madonna
    Anyone familiar with Madge is also acquainted with her iconic gap-tooth. And in a time where straight white teeth evoked superstardom, it was somewhat of a statement when the singer kept the space between her teeth nonetheless. It became so iconic that more people began to accept those dental imperfections. (And Madonna’s teeth have plenty of superstar company, including Samuel L. Jackson, Brigitte Bardot, Vanessa Paradis, and Laurence Fishburne.)
  3. Steve Buscemi
    Steve Buscemi, in himself, has a unique look that’s captured the hearts of a lot of people. But while it’s his eyes that have captured the imagination of many people around the internet, it’s his teeth that seal his iconic look. Whether it’s playing a gangster in Boardwalk Empire or a reserved ex-surfer in The Big Lebowski, his iconic teeth no doubt adds to the off-kilter charm everyone loves. 
  4. Jodie Foster
    There’s something infectious about Jodie Foster’s smile. Unapologetically joyous and a little off-center, her smile (and teeth) shine the most in candid moments, whether it’s winning awards or otherwise. Having donned braces as a child, it’s easy to see that it was well worth the effort.  
  5. Avril Lavigne
    A select few people are known for their interestingly sharp incisors, and Avril Lavigne is one of them. Particularly in the early 2000s, those vampire fangs blended well in the era of kohl eyes and tank tops. Instead of the frightening variety, however, Lavigne’s fangs infuse her look with the right amount of edge to her previous rock star persona—and got young girls wanting to don the fangs as well.