Do snap-on smiles work?

Getting the perfect smile makeover doesn't come cheap. Fortunately, innovations in cosmetic dentistry have changed that. But do snap-on smiles work?

Do snap-on smiles work?

The rise of cosmetic dentistry is a double-sided sword. For one, it’s easier to achieve the smile of your dreams. For another, it’s also brought some peculiar—and sometimes, questionable—new innovations in pursuit of that perfect smile. The snap-on smile is one such creation. 

But what is the snap-on smile? In a nutshell, a snap-on smile is a more convenient form of dentures. Unlike dentures, however, they don’t cover the gums. A snap-on smile’s fitting instructions are pretty eponymous. All you need to do is “snap-on” the dental resins over your natural teeth. Then, you’re good to go.

It sounds like a good deal. Aside from being cheap and convenient, a snap-on smile also doesn’t require the commitment of a full-on dental restoration. But something can be too good to be true. And as with all things that are, they can cause a dent in your pockets if you’re not careful. 

So do snap-on smiles work? Let’s find out. 

What are snap-on smiles, anyway? And how do they work?

When you’re in pursuit of the perfect smile makeover, you might find some options a little too daunting for you. For one, you have to consider your natural teeth—how many of them do you need to keep? How many do you need to fix? 

Then there’s the matter of time. Most cosmetic dentistry procedures require you to set some time aside for them. Before you can even enjoy the merits of your new smile, you first have to make impressions of your teeth. After that, you’ll have to wait for some time before you can get your perfect smile makeover. And even after that, you still need to get them adjusted before you can feel comfortable when you eat and drink with them.   

The snap-on smile then presumably offers a more convenient alternative to those cosmetic dentistry offerings. When you purchase a snap-on smile, what usually happens is you’re given a mold—or the full veneers themselves—which you then stick to your teeth after some heating. From there, you’re good to go.

Do snap-on smiles work?

Sounds easy enough? Well, not quite. While it is alluring to think that you can get a set of pearly whites on the go, there are a few complications.  

For one, there’s the issue of how these instant veneers look. While they do give the illusion of pearly whites, at best, they reflect them just as well as a CGI simulation of human teeth. Some of the material used might appear a little too reflective and often does not simulate the look and feel of actual teeth. 

For another, there’s an issue of comfort and fit. Sure, your conventional snap-on smile might give the illusion of a perfect smile. The problem, however, comes when food and drink come in. While their quality might vary depending on the brand, they might not last very well during a steak dinner. Or even if they do, you might not feel comfortable while taking your meals. 

That said, do snap-on smiles work? Perhaps. But only in select situations. For something more long term, you might want to look into more cosmetic dentistry services.