4 Reasons Why Dentistry is One of the Best Jobs in The World

So a job in the dentistry is apparently one of the best jobs in the world, whether you're a dental hygienist or orthodontist. Here's why.

4 Reasons Why Dentistry is One of the Best Jobs in The World

There’s something alluring about the dental industry. The sentiment rings true whether working as a dental hygienist or a specialist. Dental professionals, for the most part, seem to emanate a warmth. And it’s something that comes from genuine care for their patients. Despite the stress level associated with it, a job in the dental industry is still one of the best jobs in the world.

Being a dentist, in particular, seems to score higher than all other occupations, mostly thanks to the salary grade and the allure of a flexible working schedule. While dentists rank 2nd in 2020 annual best jobs rankings by U.S. News, they’re joined by other professions in the dental industry. These include orthodontists (4th), oral and maxillofacial surgeons (9th), and dental hygienists (24th). All this considered, it seems like all the grueling hours put into dental school well worth the effort. 

But how is it that some of the best jobs in the world come from the dental industry? 

  • Dental industry jobs have an annual median salary of $151,850.00

    One of the top advantages a dentistry job has is how much you can potentially earn. As opposed to other professions, dentistry affords you a comfy enough salary range. And depending on what role you have, what you get paid for can grow exponentially. According to the rankings, dental professionals have a median salary of $151,850.00, putting them in an upper payment bracket than most occupations.  And for the money-conscious, it’s enough to make it one of the best jobs in the world.

    Dental specialists generally tend to have a higher pay grade than your general practitioners, something that dental school aspirants might want to take note of. Orthodontists, in particular, have an annual median salary of $208,000.00. And the list goes on. So you might choose what specialization you’d want to focus on carefully.  

  • When you’re a dentist, orthodontist, oral and maxillofacial surgeon, or dental hygienist, you have a low unemployment rate

    Look at any list of jobs, and you’re sure to find one or two occupations at risk of unemployment. The current job market, after all, is extremely competitive—and very fragile as well. Fortunately, the dental industry is known for having one of the lowest unemployment rates ever at 0.9%. After all, everyone’s looking for a dentist, but not everyone can set a schedule with one. The demand for dentists, specialists, and dental hygienists, then, stays relatively high. 

  • Your dental school training opens up a lot of opportunities for growth

    One amazing thing about getting a job in the dental industry is that if you wanted, the only way is up. Whether it’s as a dental assistant, a dental hygienist, a dentist, or a specialist, there’s always room to learn something new as each position holds opportunities for growth. And a potential to find one of the best jobs in the world.

  • It’s easier to achieve work-life balance in the dental industry

    As with most professional work, dentistry allows you to control your working hours—and, sometimes, your workload. The stress level you have in this profession, then, will depend on how well you manage your time and how much hours you’ll need to take. At best, however, a job in the dental industry can give you the right amount of work-life balance not seen in other types of work.