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Aside from health insurance, what's a good way to attract the best employees? Offer dental insurance. After all, dental benefits attract new hires.

How Dental Benefits Attract New Hires

If you’ve owned or run a company, you’ve probably felt the pressure of getting the right people for the job. And it’s no easy feat, that’s for sure. Aside from looking for someone who can do the work well, there’s the problem of making them stay. While health insurance and perks for family members may sway them over for a while, more and more companies have begun offering the same kicks. What can you do to tide over the competition? The answer is surprisingly simple: give them dental insurance. As it turns out, dental benefits attract new hires.

Of all the types of health insurance, dental coverage is probably the most notorious. The fees you get from dental work along can quickly pile up, so much so that seeing the final bill can feel like a slap to the face. And dental coverage isn’t cheap, either. It becomes a bit trickier when you consider how dental insurance can vary in coverage. And not all dental offices accept the same types of insurance. 

Companies that offer dental coverage, then (or a dental benefit plan), are keen to have an advantage over their competitors. And when they extend this plan to a potential employee’s family members, the chances of retention go up as well. But how exactly do dental benefits attract new hires? Let’s find out. 

Dental benefits attract new hires by highlighting your company

Nowadays, offering health insurance is a pretty common practice around most companies. And if you do have a health plan, chances are your family members are covered as well. It’s so common that having a health insurance plan is one of the core requirements most candidates look for when being interviewed for a job. So if you’re a business without health benefits in your employee package, it’ll be harder to get the applicants you want—or want to retain—in your company. 

But with so many companies offering a health plan, you might find yourself at a disadvantage when it comes to getting the top of the crop. If you’re a small business scrapping it out with the big leagues, for instance, you’ll need to fight doubly hard. 

But you can work around this shortcoming. The first part involves assessing your company, whether it’s a small business or a growing firm. After all, if you’ve got the groundwork done, half the battle’s done. The next part involves giving the best of the best something most companies don’t offer. And that’s where dental coverage comes in.   

As mentioned earlier, dental benefits attract new hires precisely because of how practical it is. Nobody wants to spend big bucks regularly, particularly for something you need to have. Including dental insurance in your offer, then, is a great way to leverage your company to your target employees. 

The better an employee’s oral health, the less likely they’ll be absent

Aside from bringing in the cream of the crop, there’s another benefit to adding dental insurance. One of the main things that might stave employees off work is getting sick. And because of how painful dental issues are, it can also hinder their performance.

Offering dental insurance plans isn’t just a way to attract new hires, then. It’s also a way to ensure your employees’ comfort and keep retention up.