3 Reasons to Buy 2-minute Toothbrushing Timers

Getting a 2-minute timer for teeth might seem like a superfluous purchase. But it can do wonders for your family's oral hygiene. Here are three reasons why.

3 Reasons to Buy 2-minute Toothbrushing Timers

When it comes to dental innovations, nothing’s as exciting as today’s era. Or perhaps mundane would be the better term. A good portion of these dental inventions revolves around making the ordinary easy, like electric toothbrushes that help you brush your teeth. Or breath strips for that on-the-go freshness. Chief among these mundane inventions, then, are 2-minute toothbrushing timers. Which, you guessed it—ring once two minutes of brushing time is up. 

But while it might seem easy to discount 2-minute toothbrushing timers as some superfluous purchase, there might be some method to the prosaic. Two minutes, after all, is universally understood as the ideal amount of time you need to toothbrush. And while we adults might think a 2-minute timer for teeth isn’t necessary, it can be a fun way to occupy your younger siblings or kids. And teach them the basics of good oral hygiene. 

That said, there may be many good reasons to purchase 2-minute toothbrushing timers. And here are some of them:

  1. They let you zone out while you brush your teeth

    When it comes to any routine task, you aren’t really “all in.” Particularly if you have a hefty to-do list coming up that day. When you do an everyday job enough times, after all, it becomes second nature—you don’t really have to think about doing them while you’re doing them.

    That doesn’t mean these tasks are unnecessary, however. The reason why they’re routine, after all, is because they’re important enough for you to keep doing them on a regular basis. But because we tend to take them for granted, we often don’t do them the right way. And oral hygiene bears the brunt of most of it.

    2-minute toothbrushing timers can help you break through that little slice of limbo. Now, you don’t have to remind yourself to take two minutes whenever you brush your teeth. With a 2-minute timer for teeth, you can zone out to your heart’s content—and still have your proper oral hygiene. 

  2. They’re great for teaching young children proper oral hygiene

    The thing about routine tasks—particularly for young children—is that they’re not fun. Quite the opposite, actually. If you’ve ever had a child or younger sibling rebel against you during their pre-bedtime toothbrushing, you might know this already. Turning a tedious old task into something exciting and imaginative could wear down some of that antagonism. Most of the time, however, this task is easier said than done.

    Fortunately, there are 2-minute toothbrushing timers out in the market that makes the task a little less complicated. Whether it’s an app that plays their favorite song for two minutes or some novel-looking timers, these timers add color to your child’s oral hygiene experience.     

  3. They’re great for helping you manage your time

    You only have so much time in a day. But like most people, it can be notoriously hard to manage it. Sometimes, even simple tasks like brushing your teeth or fixing up your clothes can feel like a chore. With a 2-minute timer for teeth, you can finally beat those arduous to-do lists and manage your oral hygiene at the same time.