4 Things You Should Do To Keep Your Teeth Healthy While Traveling

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When traveling, we aim to hit the road as conveniently as possible without much luggage in tow. However, despite the desire to leave as light as possible, we must ensure to have everything necessary with us on our journey — especially when it comes to our health.

Bringing with us our oral care necessities is essential to ensure we can keep our oral health in check while moving places to places.

Why is brushing important even while traveling?

Brushing has become part of our lives as early as we could remember. Our parents have instilled in us the importance of making it part of our daily routine. Dental professionals have also always reminded us to give our mouth a proper clean every day. And all these reminders are for a good reason because missing a day of brushing can cause dental problems and affect our overall health.

In fact, when we fail to keep up with our daily oral care routine, we increase our chances of developing oral health problems because bacteria get more time to feed on unwanted particles. They then form a bacterial film called plaque and attack the enamel. When the bacteria attack the enamel, it weakens and leads to dental problems like tooth decay, gum disease, bad breath, among others.

4 Ways To Keep The Teeth Healthy Away from Home

Maintaining good oral health away from home is pretty simple as it follows the basic routine we all know — with a tweak to accommodate our traveling.

#1 Bring Your Essential Oral Care Tools

Make packing your oral care necessities a priority when traveling. Bring along a small toothbrush or a foldable one to save space. Although most hotels give out free toothbrushes, it is better to have your own to be sure that wherever you go, you have it with you. Having your own will also save you the time and hassle of searching for one.

Do not share toothbrush too! Sharing a toothbrush also shares the bacteria in it, countering the intended benefit of brushing.

Additionally, take a toothpaste with you too because, like toothbrush, it saves you from the hassle of looking around for one. Bring one with you, especially if you have specific dental needs, is imperative for a hassle-free and healthy trip.

#2 Snack on Tooth-Friendly Foods

Immersing ourselves on food is part of our every travel bucket list. However, be wary of what goes into your mouth as well. Enjoy the excellent cuisine of the place the right way by choosing less sugary, starchy, and hard food.
While on the road, it is tempting to snack on chips and candies. But, instead of these unhealthy snacks, opt for alternatives like nuts or cheese which are better for your oral health as they stimulate saliva production.

#3 Choose a Sugarless Gum

Chew sugarless gum to keep your mouth smelling fresh and moist. Chewing gum helps produce saliva which in turn plays a vital role in combating bacteria.

#4 Hydrate with water

Drinking water cleans the teeth and keeps the mouth moist. Make it a habit to consume the right amount of water to prevent dehydration.

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